so did you ever think that I would let you down?
it’s funny how time makes me notice you’re not around
and I did everything for you that I could
a name’s miss-spelling, is that really all it took?

corvetta, why did you leave me?
I never thought you would deceive me
now I am broken-hearted
sometimes I wish we’d never started

so you still can find me lurking around town
sometimes I wish I’d see you out walking around
but I know that’s just a life of fantasy
you probably moved away because now you are free
I will try to listen someday to what you said
the lies that roll off your tongue are so easily read

corvetta, why did you leave me?
I never thought you would deceive me
now I am broken-hearted
sometimes I think it’s time we parted
but you beat me to the punchline
and I think that that’s just fine
for the first time in your life
you can feel better than somebody else

I don’t really care anymore
’cause I don’t really care anymore

Lyrics by Paul Friemel


Split Version –

Acoustic Version –


Written by:Paul Friemel
Lead Vocal:Paul Friemel
Back-up Vocal:Neil Kuhlman
Guitar:Paul Friemel
Jeff Langmaid
Neil Kuhlman
Bass:Paul Friemel
Drums:TJ Mapes
Recorded at:Twofish Studios – 7/26 – 7/27/2003 (Split Version)
Some guy’s house Ames, IA – May/2003 (Acoustic Version)
Appears on:Steps (Split Version)
The Best and Mostly Worst of 2nd Best 1998-2003 (Acoustic Version)

Song Notes

Corvetta was the first new 2nd Best song that was written in an era without Shane. It was written by Paul while Shane was in the band, but he never performed or was aware of the song. It was not performed live until a post-Shane version of the band with 2 guitar players.

– Although it was not a song with the intention of having Shane play it, an acoustic demo version of the song was recorded by Paul hastily to be included as an all-new song on The Best & Mostly Worst of 2nd Best 1998-2003, a compilation CD-R that was produced in-time for Shane’s final performance. It was meant as a parting gift for fans of the band that might attend the final two back-to-back performances of 2nd Best with Shane in the Quad Cities. The release was available at both shows for $3. Putting a brand new song on the disc was a sly hint that the band was not going to be disappearing after Shane departed. Sorry about that whole ‘final show’ thing guys… eeek!

– This song was clearly an attempt at going full-bore into the emerging pop-emo song-writing style that the band members were eagerly devouring at the time, versus the happy-go-lucky innocence of previous songs.

Corvetta can be considered a sequel to Iguana in certain aspects. There are clear canonical indications that both songs are about the same character, although at very differing points in a romantic relationship as told by the narrator. The name Corvetta is not only cool as shit, it is the connecting tissue that identifies the link between the two songs. Another subtle association between the songs is emphasis on the word ‘anymore’ as a thematic punctuation to lyrical lines, although both have strongly differing connotations.

– Although the acoustic version of the song came first, it was always initially conceived as a big, loud, angry spectacle of a song. However, since fans spent a month digesting the prettier, somber acoustic version first, the shock of hearing the bombastic electric version of the song for the first time melted more than a few faces. Some non-hardcore fans of the band lamented that they preferred the acoustic version to the electric one. We’re not sure where the bodies are buried, but those people haven’t been heard from in quite some time…

– The Twofish Studios recording session for this song was completed quickly. All tracking was accomplished in 2 full recording days, with mixing and mastered happening at a later point. Neil Kuhlman had temporarily joined the band to fill in additional guitar duties after Jordan prematurely left the band in the summer of 2003. He was present at the session and added much-appreciated back-up vocals for the ending coda of the song. Originally Paul had planned on over-dubbing his own voice for the song’s finale, but having an alternative vocal added a unique contrast to the song. Thanks Neil!

– Paul was vehement about the pick-slide during the second verse being as ‘huge as possible’. Even now, his eyes pulsate when he hears it because it’s still just not BIG ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!

– Although it gets lost in the electric version of the song, the tuning of this song is a modified drop-d where the 5&6 strings are both modified to be the same note, D. This created a shimmery boost on the high-end of the sonic spectrum during the chorus that really comes out nicely on the acoustic recording. This same odd tuning is applied to Pandora to Pangaea and allows for a fuller sound that would not be possible with standard open tunings. So now you know the secret!!

– On a personal note, the song was a manifestation of Paul’s struggle to deal with the end of an important and meaningful relationship. Although there was fear the song might be seen as a personal attack, the intention was to write a song that would ultimately sound generic enough to lose all specific meaning and just become a good rockin’ tune. Was that successful? Well, to know for sure you’d have to sequester the opinion of Corvetta…


Corvetta Meme


Final live performance of Corvetta. Iowa State University VEISHEA Battle of the Bands 4/16/2004
The first actual live performance of Corvetta. Fans had only heard this song as an acoustic recording prior to this. You can see their minds being blown in real time.
6/7/2003 Bettendorf Centennial
A little rusty after 10 years…

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