No Dope


There are no lyrics for this song.


Is This For Real

Written by:Brad Johnson
Guitar:Brad Johnson
Bass:Paul Friemel
Drums:TJ Mapes
Recorded at:Reel Trax Recording – 8/13 – 8/20/2000
Appears on:Is This For Real


Song Notes

No Dope was a ‘secret song’ appended to the last track on Is This For Real. No Dope begins around the six and a half minute mark of the final track on the album.

– There are no lyrics for this song, as it was recorded as a purely instrumental composition.

– The late nineties were rife with loud, angry, yet popular bands such as KoRn, Disturbed, and Papa Roach. This song was probably influenced by popular records by bands like this of the time. It’s embarrassing to admit it, but this song was most likely directly influenced by none other than Limp Bizkit.

– There exists an improv ‘comedy’ track featuring off the cuff lyrics performed by Paul that was titled Road Rage. This was recorded in the Tech Drive office practice space over top of a version of the song recorded for the band’s first Demo. Some things were meant to never be heard and this version of the song has never been officially released, or acknowledged, until now!


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