Twenty One


gravity has influence on my soul
and when I feel it’s pull I don’t resist
so what I do is I take my glasses off
and I drift back…
back when I was twenty-one

so let’s go back to twenty-one
when we were all young and dumb
back when I was twenty-one
I was hanging with you and that was fun

sorry I just… I just can’t stay too long
in this fantasy world I’d like to call Home
the memories are on replay in my mind
I want to see if I do things different this time

seven years was such a long time
but now it’s been more like twelve
or seventeen at this point

everyone is ragin’
like they forgot about their age and
I’m anticipating that incredible face and…

we can pretend we’re twenty-one
let’s pound some beers and get messed up
back before you screwed everything up
when your friends were all you’ve got

let’s go back to twenty-one
before you and I were done
just take my hand and we’ll bring it down tonight
like we did, back when we were twenty-one

you can’t go back to twenty-one
no matter how hard you try, hun
I’m in love with the memory of you
but that’s not who you would become

nostalgia’s a hell of a drug
it’s just a disease we all suffer from
all those you did are done
but you can live the dream if you don’t wake up

Lyrics by Paul Friemel




Written by:Paul Friemel
Vocals:Paul Friemel
Guitar:Robo Paul
Bass:Robo Paul
Drums:Robo TJ
Recorded at:PF Studios 12/24/2020
Appears on:Unreleased

Song Notes

Twenty-One is the first full-bore 2nd Best song written since 2011.

– The song originated in 2011, January 23rd to be exact. It was recorded live as a raw demo by Paul that morning after waking up. The recording ends with Paul belting out in a cracked voice “don’t sing when you just woke up.”

Twenty-One is the first original track featured on the collection of demos colorfully titled the Sad Bastard Demos 2011. This title was cheekily given by Paul to his own material in 2020 after collecting the audio together into a digestible playlist to show the other band members. The original song was performed on acoustic guitar, but it was always the intention to be a full band composition.

– The original concept for the song materialized out of nowhere and hadn’t been looked at or worked on since January of 2011 until revisiting old material in December of 2020. After over ten improv acoustic demos during the weeks leading up to Christmas, a finalized digital demo was created by Paul starting December 23 and completing on December 24th and sent to the other band members as a ‘Christmas gift.’

– The lyrics ‘seven years was such a long time but now it’s been more like twelve or seventeen at this point’ are indicative of the demo being made so long ago and not being touched for nine years since it’s original concept. At the time of conception, seven years was a relevant lyric. Now that nine years have passed since the original demo was recored, pointing out that almost even MORE time had passe dsince the narrator was twenty-one years old seemed like a pretty poignant thing to say. The narrator is telling their age, and helps to guide the listener on how old he is. Hopefully the song is heard and performed before that lyric becomes even further out of date.

– The song lyrics jump around to who the recipient of certain stanzas are. Most of the content is directly sang to a previous lover of the narrator, but some are more meta, being sung directly to the listener or audience. There are others that are ambiguous such as “back before you screwed things up” or “I was hanging with you and that was fun.” Are those a direct call out to the actions of a singular person or a general call out to the listener/audience? Mysteries… (it’s to the listener, ya dope)

– This song is highly repetitive in musical notation and melodic content, but this is meant to reinforce the melancholy vibe of the ravages of aging. Oh boy, it only gets worse from here sweet summer child…

Twenty One is a dreary tale told by someone who is struggling with recurring memories of good past times when faced with the realities of regular life. It tells the story of recalling their past actions at potentially inconvenient times and either succumbing to regret or simply acknowledging that everything happens for a reason, and nothing should be changed, regardless of the existence and avialability of a flux-capacitor or tardis. Memories are safe and comfortable, but they are simply re-runs and everyone knows the hot shit is airing now on prime time. Don’t get lost in your past, and seize the current day. The past is but a dream and ultimately you’ll have to ‘wake up.’

– The song is expected to be part of a forthcoming 2nd Best studio album or perhaps something else. This page written the day the song was completed so the future is murky. Just remember you can’t go back to 21, no matter how hard you try, hun.

– Twenty-One was conceived with the intention of being performed by a 4-piece band featuring two guitar players. Who the second guitar player may be remains to be seen!


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