Final Perfomance with Shane

Event Details

Shane’s Final 2nd Best Show
Date:May 17, 2003
City:Davenport, IA
Venue:Davenport Peabody’s
Show Number:??
Shows at Venue:??
Artist Line-up:Remember to Breathe
Fistful of Yen
Unseen Heroes
Led By Last
2nd Best
Band Members:Singer / Guitar – Shane Sikkema
Drums – TJ Mapes
Bass – Paul Friemel


#SongLead Singer
0Spoon IntroductionTony Pennuto
1For The Last TimePaul Friemel
2Pretty PennyShane Sikkema
3Pastel ShirtsShane Sikkema
4SlackerBrad Johnson
5Band GeekShane Sikkema
6A Winter AwayShane Sikkema
7Between 2 HomesPaul Friemel
8Not Where I Came FromPaul Friemel
9AddictedShane Sikkema
10So ClearJohn Lee
11YankeeBrad Johnson
12IguanaPaul Friemel
13Carpe DiemBrad Johnson
14HopeBrad Johnson
15928Shane Sikkema
16The EndPaul Friemel
17These Autumn StarsShane Sikkema

Event Comments

– Original proto-vocalist for 2nd Best, Tony Pennuto, gave an opening eulogy to start the night off, which goes down in history as a classic 2nd Best moment. Never forget what to do with a spoon if you can find it.

– The setlist for this show was notable for a few reasons. Original singed Brad Johnson was in attendance which allowed the band to perform some older songs like Yankee, Carpe Diem, and he jumped on stage for Hope as well. It was also the only time on record that 2nd Best performed The End, the final studio track on Put Your Heart Where Your Mouth Is, which was never really meant to be played live but they pulled it off! Paul smashed his bass at the end of the song to the surprise of many! Although, it may have been obvious that was going to happen when it was seen that he switched from his signature skeleton bass to some old piece of crap prior to the start of the song.

– Superfan Jaylee joined the band to sing So Clear, an acid jam that didn’t really fit the style of the band’s live performances. The band teased the song but wasn’t really going to play it but Jaylee came to the rescue and offered to sing the song!

– Emotions ran high during this show, and after the closing number These Autumn Stars, it was a real sad-fest in that room with people crying and looking at the floor, unable to make eye contact.

– Audio for the show was operated by none other than Quad City music scene veteran Wurm and was able to record the entire set! The audio recording is quite good and captures the performance well, however, the performance of 928 suffered audio issues and only the first 60 seconds or so was captured to tape.

– TJ was rather talkative during this show, which was entertaining. The banter is probably better than the songs.

– This was it! The final show! PSYCHE!!! Although it was sad to see Shane leave, TJ & Paul weren’t ready to throw in the towel and behind the scenes they’d been working on what’s next…


This photo collage was sold at the final show was a full-sized 24-32 inch full color print. It was pretty expensive to make and cost a lot. Thanks to everyone that bought one! Sorry we lied, this wasn’t the final show!



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4 Replies to “Final Perfomance with Shane”

  1. Pete says:

    “TJ and the peeping Tom” my name’s Pete. Friends with kuhlman, Neil’s brother Nick. Amazing I’m in some of these. I miss this show. Definitely my fav.

  2. Heather says:

    Haha ok so my husband is “The Prepping T” I’m fucking dying lol. Also peep Nick Kuhlman next to him a few pics down! Amazing show! Didn’t even know both my future husband AND myself were there until a few years ago!

    1. Heather says:

      “TJ and The Peeping Tom”, omg lol “The Peeping Tom” is my husband lol!! He is dying over this pic. We didn’t realize until just a few years ago that we were both at this show. Also, you can peep Nick Kuhlman with him a few pics down. His brother was in Led by Last.


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