After 20 years, 2nd Best is now on streaming services

First Place Hits 2nd Best Album Cover
2nd Best – First Place Hits – November 11, 2020

It’s true!

The band that rocked the Quad Cities and beyond starting back in the year 2000 has finally grown up and gone full digital. 2nd Best has released a 20 year anniversary retrospective titled First Place Hits that is available only at online streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify and dozens more.

If you’ve wanted an Iguana, remembered Graduation Day, or wanted to take a trip under These Autumn Stars, now you can anywhere, anytime. Thanks for all the memories and we hope you can make some new ones with all twenty of these classic 2nd Best favorites and even some new surprises!

First Place Hits includes songs from every era of the band and features all the core members: Brad, Shane, TJ, Paul, Jeff, and even Neil! There are even some unreleased never-before-heard tracks available on the compilation.

So heart your favorites, make some playlists, and spread the gospel of 2nd Best to all the non-believers, because this band can bring you salvation or devastation. It’s up to you!

Listen to First Place Hits on Spotify.
Listen to First Place Hits on Apple Music.

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