2nd Best Party Like It’s 2001 Livestream

Time to see what almost 20 years does to a kid.

Event Details

2nd Best – Party Like It’s 2001 20 Year Retrospective Reunion Live Stream event
Date:January 29, 2021
City:The Internet
Show Number:171
Shows at Venue:1
Band Members:Vocals / Acoustic – Paul Friemel
Vocals / Acoustic – Shane Sikkema
Vocals / Acoustic – Brad Johnson
In attendance – TJ Mapes
In attendance – Jeff Langmaid


#SongLead Singer
1For The Last TimePaul Friemel
2He Hates Me… And I Love HimPaul Friemel
3Trying (cut short due to technical difficulties) Paul Friemel
4HopeBrad Johnson
5Graduation Day Brad Johnson
6Pastel ShirtsPaul Friemel
7A Winter Away Shane Sikkema
8These Autumn StarsShane Sikkema
9Not Where I Came FromPaul Friemel
10AddictedPaul Friemel
11Pretty PennyShane Sikkema
12Counting Down The DaysShane Sikkema
13928Shane Sikkema
14Ciao BellaPaul Friemel
15Counting Down The DaysShane Sikkema
16Multiplied (NeedtoBreathe)Brad Johnson
17CorvettaPaul Friemel
18Pandora to PangaeaPaul Friemel
19DemonPaul Friemel
20Soco Amaretto Lime (Brand New)Paul Friemel

Event Comments

– After the re-launch of 2ndbestonline.com and the release of First Place Hits, a lot of commotion was made about a potential reunion of the band. Considering that the Covid-19 pandemic was still raging and everyone was stuck at home, this seemed more unlikely than ever. This didn’t stop Paul from dusting off his acoustic and giving live performance a shot. After a few rag-tag practices, he felt it was time to unleash some of the 2nd Best catalog onto the unsuspecting fans one last time in a way that most had never heard them. The date was set, and the troops were rallied – It’s a zoom party baby.

– Long-time fan and friend of the band Tony Pennuto, aka DJ Scoobs, lended his services to be the official MC of the evening helping to take some of the load off of the performers and provide commentary for any Q&A and down-time between songs.

– Over fifty accounts were in attendance during the bulk of the show and it was a ton of long time fans of the band and some noobs! You just didn’t know what you were into did you?

– Of course there were some technical difficulties. Paul’s audio decreased in volume mysteriously during Trying and Pastel Shirts. Trying wasn’t played again, but Pastel Shirts got a second rendition.

– The official livestream went on from 8:00 PM until about 11:30 PM, but sone hangers on stayed up pretty late until 3:00 AM!


2nd Best Acoustic Zoom Performance
A hastily made image for the facebook event.


There are no photos for this event.


First song of the night!

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