I’m looking at the bigger picture
maybe school is the answer
now I’m looking a little deeper
memories are all I ever asked for

I’m looking at the bigger picture
maybe school’s not the answer
now I’m looking a little deeper
memories are all I ever asked for

I just wanna sing this stupid song all day
and play this dumb guitar
I want to drive around the world
I want to be a star

I always want what I can’t have
but I want this so bad
am I just another tragic hero?
am I just another Romeo?

but now I am addicted
to all the fun I haven’t had

I want to be a star…

Lyrics by Shane Sikkema


Album Version –

Acoustic Version –


Written by:Shane Sikkema
Lead Vocal:Shane Sikkema
Back-up Vocal:Paul Friemel
Guitar:Shane Sikkema
Bass:Paul Friemel
Drums:TJ Mapes
Recorded at:Reel Trax Recording – 5/13 – 5/20/2002
Appears on:Put Your Heart Where Your Mouth Is

Song Notes

Addicted was written by Shane right before they went into the studio to record Put Your Heart Where Your Mouth Is and the band was very excited about the song. They were potentially planning to lead off the album with this song, or 928. As it turned out, this was the opening track to the album, if you exclude the very short intro track titled The Beginning.

– After spending an entire week in the studio recording, the band got an impromptu chance to play a show at a new venue and debuted the song to a very small audience, unbeknownst to them. This song became a staple at most 2nd Best shows because the fan reaction was good and the song was always pretty fun to play.

– The meaning of the song is pretty self-explanatory. Written by Shane, he explains it as wrestling with the tension of pursuing an adolescent dream, while also facing adulthood’s looming responsibilities. It also touches on the tension of wanting something really bad but also trying to be happy with whatever good times you have right now even if they’re fleeting. 

– The concept of being ‘addicted’ to the band life is a real one. Each of the band members made exceptional sacrifices of time, effort, and money to keep the band going. 2nd Best’s first taste of real musical success came during a lucky opening slot for national act Eve 6 at the Pigpen in Clinton, IA. Playing to an overbooked full house was an experience that stuck with everyone for the rest of their lives and may have been one of Shane’s subconscious driving forces behind writing the song.

– This song features a pretty lengthy musical interlude that was augmented with voice clips of the band members from a never-materialized self-recorded band documentary. Here is a transcription of what is spoken during this segment:

  • Shane: The first time I heard the name was before I’d ever met TJ, but I remember thinking it was kind of a weird name for a band.
  • TJ: I think it came to me in a dream.
  • Paul: The most fun I ever had was playing in the band.
  • TJ: I remember we used to sit in my room and play that for like two hours straight, the same song over and over–
  • Shane: He was addicted.
  • TJ: And we’d just scream the words, it was a lot of fun.
  • Paul: Our first show was a trip.
  • TJ: And we played on top of picnic tables.
  • Paul: I never really thought our music was really destined for that.
  • TJ: –Famous! I don’t think anyone really cared, they will someday.
  • Shane: He was addicted.
  • TJ: No wonder why no one ever gave us a gig.
  • Paul: That was the best night of my life.
  • Shane: He was addicted.

– The song begins on the record with a somber acoustic intro that features the first of a two similar verses with one minor alteration that has significant implication. The opening segment states that “maybe school is the answer” and the repeated verse defiantly states that “maybe school is not the answer.” This is indicative of the time the song was written as all the band members were attending college while playing shows and driving around the Midwest as often as possible with hopes of potential stardom. Now that the dust has all settled years later, it’s pretty clear to see that school was in fact the answer!

– The fore-mentioned intro segment was sometimes omitted for live performances. Depending on its placement in the setlist, the song would begin with TJ’s powerful drum beat and begin fast and heavy with the second verse.

– The final chorus of the song made use of Paul as a back-up vocalist to repeat-merge the regular chorus lyrics over top of the alternate melody of the final chorus. This worked to great effect to help this deceptively simple song end with a crescendo that was always pleasing to the crowd.

Addicted was one of the few songs Shane was the primary creator of that 2nd Best continued to play regularly after his departure. Paul took over lead vocals and the song remained basically the same, although perhaps it felt a bit more aggressive. This was due to the simplicity of the song and that its theme and tone remained true to the core message and driving force of the band. The song really spoke to the dreamers and creators that knew they could make it, if only they were given the chance. One significant change to the song is that often Paul would change the final lyric of the song to “I’ll never be a star,” leaving the audience a meloncholy dose of hopelessness that emulated the final fate of the band in the end.

Addicted was played at the final official 2nd Best concert at VEISHEA 2004.

– After 2nd Best had officially ended as a band, TJ & Paul still wanted to make some music. Instead of continuing under the 2nd Best banner, they decided to stray a bit and name this project after the song Addicted. The Addicted project did create a few new songs, mostly fronted by TJ, including Television and an unnamed song simply dubbed TJ’s Lost Song. Soon after these were recorded, Paul moved to Chicago to work for Victory Records, leaving TJ to complete his final year at college and find alternative outlets for musical creation.

– Some time later in 2006, Paul decided to attempt an official acoustic composition of the song that was subsequently lumped into the Addicted Demos compilation released on the band’s Bandcamp site in 2020. This version featured a less aggressive tone and opted to lean on the bleakness of dreams that never came true. Paul had planned to record other songs in this manner via Garageband but Addicted is the only song that ever materialized from these sessions.


Addicted Meme 2nd Best
Score one for the stupids.
2nd Best Addicted Meme Bus
Comin’ at you like a freight train!


Paul & TJ play “Addicted” because it’s “easy, ya know?” “Whoa” rehearsal session at RIPT Apparel in 2011.
“Addicted” with ridiculous “Jeffri Special” intro at VEISHEA 2004 Battle of the Bands. No Shane in this one.
“Addicted” starts off the show at The Pigpen in Clinton, IA. 4/4/2003
“Addicted” at the Quad Cities Battle of the Bands 3 in 2003
“Addicted” with intro performed on an unaired episode of Ames Music Live in 2002 at Iowa State University.

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