VEISHEA Battle of The Bands 2004

Event Details

Iowa State University VEISHEA Battle of the Bands 2004
Date:April 16, 2004
City:Ames, IA
Venue:VEISHEA Main Stage
Show Number:168
Shows at Venue:2
Band Members:Singer / Bass – Paul Friemel
Drums – TJ Mapes
Guitar – Jeff Langmaid
Guitar – Jim Schloemer


#SongLead Singer
0The End of 2nd Best Intro – NAME OF PIECE –
1Pandora to PangaeaPaul Friemel
2Not Where I Came FromPaul Friemel
3Jeffri Special Intro / AddictedPaul Friemel
4CorvettaPaul Friemel
5Dirty IguanaPaul Friemel
6He Hates Me… And I Love HimPaul Friemel
7For The Last TimePaul Friemel
8Ciao BellaPaul Friemel

Event Comments

– This was the final, final show of 2nd Best. The band went into this performance knowing they were unable to play another show the next day even if they won. Traditionally, the bands are battling to play on the VEISHEA stage the following night. 2nd Best passed the honor on to Light in the Attic, who in turn passed it to Closer who had won 2nd place in the battle. haha How’s it feel suckas!?

– This performance marks the one and only time that Jim Schloemer performed as a member of 2nd Best.

– This formation of the band had only played together ONE TIME, the night before at the Pro-sound sound stage. This is the excuse given when anyone points out the clear mistakes made during the performance. Still, it ain’t bad for one rehearsal the night before during finals!

– Jeff flew into Des Moines, IA from Florida the night before to prepare for the event after having not played with the band for almost a year! Thanks Jeff!

– Although Jeff was the more experienced 2nd Best guitarist, his flying in required him to use someone else’s equipment, namely Rug of Lesser Known Saint’s guitar rig. Being a bit unfamiliar with the set up, we like to joke that his guitar volume was set to 3 while Jim’s was set to 11 resulting in a little bit more “slop” than expected. However, the show must go on and in the audio recordings we promise Jeff is there, you just have to listen hard!

– Winning 1st place at a battle of the bands put a giant serendipitous cap-stone on the tenure of the band who had been cursed for years with their name and having historically unable to break the glass ceiling of 2nd place in any battle of the bands they ever performed in.

– The following evening, riots broke out in Ames due to drunk students and an antagonistic local police force. Tear gas canisters were fired at students and a good amount of public property was damaged by rioting VEISHEA attendees. No one knows the true cause of these riots, but rumors still exist that it was 2nd Best’s refusal to perform that may have had tensions running high. The world may never know…


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Intro montage created for the multi-angle DVD created for bands members following the show
The moment no one saw coming… except for the judges.
The world just couldn’t handle a world without 2nd Best…

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