VEISHEA Battle of The Bands Rehearsal

Event Details

VEISHEA Battle of the Bands Rehearsal
Date:April 15, 2004
City:Ames, IA
Show Number:
Shows at Venue:1
Band Members:Singer / Bass – Paul Friemel
Drums – TJ Mapes
Guitar – Jeff Langmaid
Guitar – Jim Schloemer


#SongLead Singer
1Pandora to PangaeaPaul Friemel
2Not Where I Came FromPaul Friemel
3Jeffri Special Intro / AddictedPaul Friemel
4CorvettaPaul Friemel
5IguanaPaul Friemel
6He Hates Me… And I Love HimPaul Friemel
7For The Last TimePaul Friemel
8Ciao BellaPaul Friemel

Event Comments

– Jeff flew in the afternoon of the 15th, and the band got to work. Having secured the quality facilities of Prosound in Ames, the band got their chance to play together for the first time and run through the set that would ultimately win them the prize at the next day’s VEISHEA battle of the bands.

– This was the first time Jim Schloemer had ever played with 2nd Best, but Paul had worked with him a week or two prior to learn some of the songs. It was an extraordinary ask, but he was up to the task! Many harmonies and screams were ad-libbed by Jim on the fly that enhanced the songs, but could’ve been perfected by the group as a cohesive unit had there been more time to fine-tune.

– This rehearsal is listed because of its uniqueness and historical significance. Also, come on, it’s insane that these dudes were able to cobble together a set that was even half as good as it was. Imagine if the band had been given more than 24 hours to practice??? Perhaps the world would have stood still, but we shall sadly never know.

– The rehearsal was recorded and exists as a single audio file clocking in at 33 minutes and 23 seconds. It’s possible that the band was able to run through the set twice during the rehearsal period, but those details are lost to the sands of time.


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