Road Rage


step on the pedal my engine goes faster
get on the gas and then I’ll kick ass
the guy in front of me is making me mad…

get outta my way!
mother F$%$#
use your signal!
stop at the light!
oh I hate you
you drive a Volvo!?
spare tire
rollin down the street!

no more of this S#&*!
get out of my way!
this is my lane now!
I think I hit a cow!

no way!
no dope!
get out of my way!
I don’t care if you’re the pope!

oh, I hit a flat!
and I need a bat!
to kill the guy behind me
blinking his lights, making me pee!

ooooh, help me god!
kill the cops!
here they come, after me now
I just ran over the state line!

oh no….
another car chase…
I don’t know what to do…
I’ll be in chains, no! no more!

go off the bridge, hit the water!
can’t open the door, they told me to open the window
but I’ve got power windows!
I’m drowning alive, help me now!
fish are touching me!
I can’t… breathe! (gurgle)

road rage!

give me the finger and die!

Lyrics by Paul Friemel


This song was not included on any official releases.

Written by:Brad Johnson
Vocals:Paul Friemel
Guitar:Brad Johnson
Bass:Paul Friemel
Drums:TJ Mapes
Recorded at:Tech Systems Practice Space – 2000
Appears on:Unreleased


Song Notes

– A lot of crazy stuff happens during rehearsals. To let off some steam or relax a bit, band members would conduct all sorts of weird experiments and one such event happened and resulted in an augmented recording of the band’s instrumental demo of No Dope, that became known as Road Rage.

No Dope never had any real lyrics and it was considered maybe a bit too aggressive for the sound the band was trying to establish. If the song was going to get a chance to be part of the band’s regular rotation, it needed lyrics but it was proving difficult to write any. So either to kill the song for good or show just how un-difficult writing lyrics was, Paul decided to record lyrics for the song on the fly with no prior concept in mind and concocted a hilarious vocal take over top of the recorded demo version of the song. It’s definitely not good, but the recording has gone down in 2nd Best history as a memorable moment.

– The story of this improv song is apparently someone that is having a bad day while driving and blaming everyone he comes across for his bad time. His actions lead to a car chase with the police, that ends with driving off a bridge and landing in a body of water. It is likely that the bridge was meant to be the old I-74 bridge of the Quad Cities, which is a narrow suspension bridge crossing the Mississippi River.

– Paul insists that he does no suffer from road rage himself and these lyrics are not autobiographical in nature…


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